Branded Partnerships

Tagging “partnership” with Bentley Records on your Instagram Stories. This feature helps in maintaining transparency about sponsorships and collaborations on social media. Here’s a simple guide on how to request and use this tag:
  1. Eligibility for Branded Content Tools:

    • Firstly, ensure that your Instagram account has access to Instagram’s branded content tools. This feature is usually available to business and creator accounts.
  2. Switch to a Business or Creator Account:

    • If you haven’t already, switch your Instagram account to a business or creator account by going to your profile settings, tapping ‘Account,’ and selecting the appropriate option.
  3. Tagging Bentley Records:

    • When creating a story where you wish to acknowledge our partnership, start by capturing or uploading your content as usual.
    • Before posting the story, tap the chain link icon (🔗) at the top of the screen.
    • Select ‘Tag Business Partner’ and search for Bentley Records’ Instagram handle.
    • Once you’ve added Bentley Records as a business partner, we will receive a notification to approve the tag.
  4. Approval Process:

    • After you tag Bentley Records, we will need to approve the use of our handle in your story. Once approved, the tag “Paid partnership with @BentleyRecords” will appear at the top of your story.
  5. Compliance with Instagram Policies:

    • Please ensure that your content complies with Instagram’s policies on branded content. Transparency about our partnership is key to maintaining trust with your audience.
  6. Consistency in Partnership Tags:

    • Use the partnership tag consistently in all stories where you promote or mention Bentley Records to maintain transparency and adhere to Instagram’s guidelines.

Tagging “paid partnership” is a great way to openly share your collaboration with Bentley Records and maintain authenticity with your audience. We appreciate your efforts in making our partnership clear and transparent.

Obtain Approval For Branded Partnerships

Enter the official name of your artist or band for accurate tagging on Instagram.
Provide the full name of the person handling the submission for communication purposes.
Share a valid email address where we can reach out for confirmation and further communication.
Share the official Instagram handle that will be tagged during the paid partnership.
Give us a quick overview of you or your band, highlighting your genre, achievements, or anything that makes you unique.
Share a link to your music or portfolio for us to get a better understanding of your work.