Bentley Records is now!

A New Era
Bentley Records was born in 2013 from the indomitable spirit and vision of R&B artist, esteemed music executive, and visionary entrepreneur, Luca Dayz. Founded with the primary objective of empowering artists, we made our mark at our former iconic HQ at 14 Wall Street. Proudly becoming the first ever Wall Street record label, the financial epicenter of the world.

Our illustrious journey saw us signing, and collaborating with some of the world’s most significant talents in music. We proudly made headlines across various esteemed platforms, including Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, and Fox News. Our music has reached unparalleled heights, gracing global charts such as Billboard®, iTunes® Top 10, Amazon Charts, and many more. The artists who called Bentley Records home have been associated with Grammy® Awards and numerous other accolades.

The Future
Embracing the digital evolution in music, we ventured into the tech realm with the introduction of in 2020. This ambitious project underpinned our commitment to leveraging technology for artistic growth. 

As we progressed into 2023, we amplified our tech prowess by integrating advanced Web3, AI & Blockchain tools. Specifically, harnesses these technologies to:

  • Empower artists with transparent and instant royalty payments using blockchain.
  • Utilize AI-driven analytics to provide real-time insights for our artists to navigate their careers.
  • Integrate Web3 for direct fan-artist engagement, creating a decentralized music ecosystem.

Marking a significant transition, as of November 2023, we have officially rebranded as While our primary operations are based out of New York City and Dubai, our expansive global footprint extends to dynamic cultural epicenters including Mexico, Brazil, London, Poland, Ghana, India, Singapore, and Australia.

Furthermore, as a testament to preserving our legacy, Bentley Global Music Publishing Inc. has been instituted. This entity will safeguard and manage our treasured former catalog.

As we pivot towards this exciting new chapter, our gratitude is boundless. To every artist who trusted us with their art, to our incredible team that made dreams a reality, to our financiers and to everyone who joined us on this journey – THANK YOU. As we embark on this revamped mission, our dedication to music, technology, and empowering artists remains unwavering.

Here’s to making more melodies, memories, and milestones.